Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sugarplum Village is now Crafty Crusader!!

Hey there!! Its been awhile...and I've missed you...No, really, I have!!

Life has its way of sacking us with various unexpected circumstances, which often derail our well intended plans and expectations of grandeur. My blog is one such victim. I won't go into the boring details, the most important thing is, I am back with bells on, and I have renamed my blog, "Crafty Crusader" to compliment my other business activities, social media accounts, and in general to bring all of my Artsy Fartsy Adventures into one convenient similarly named pile of fun!

If you haven't yet visited my Instagram account: Crafty Crusader you may want to hop on over and give it a peek-see? I post photos and links to my newest crafty projects, patterns, and tutorials, with enough 'Eye Candy' Inspiration to fill your cup! 

For those who have been following my blog, you are aware that I don't fit into any particular 'box' of art. I work with a vast array of mediums and 'art wanderings' that I nurture fully, and I am always looking to new opportunities to express myself creatively. 

If you are new to my blog, I think you will be pleasantly surprised to find artistic experiences that challenge tradition. Not challenge, as in disapproval or disagreement, but challenge as in, revamping into something with a fresh new way of looking at it. I love a traditional crafts. As a matter of fact, I am thoroughly intertwined in the roots of folk art and historical crafts, discovering great ideas to turn into modern day artwork and creative experiences. Its the 'unexpected twist' of creativity that propels me forward. As an example, its not just up-cycling, recycling, and repurposing that tempts me, its turning a simple glass jar into a Spectacle of Splendor, that inspires me. Its all in the details. I am a detail kinda girl. 

Recent efforts have been focused on the development of my library of Original Designs for crochet patterns, which I call the 'Crafty Crusader - Crochet Circus'. Currently, in my Ravelry store: Deanne Crim - Crafty Crusader, you can find Instant Downloads for Original Pattern Designs, including paid and FREE Patterns.  

(Folk Art Xmas Tree - by Deanne Crim)

'Folk Art Xmas Tree' is an intermediate level crochet pattern the combines a folk art country style with Blingtastic glittery bead ornaments and a crystal angel tree topper. Themed charms personalize each tree for one-of-a-kind gifting. It may be too late for this year, but its never too early to start on next year's amazing giftings!

 ('Finger Sleeve' by Deanne Crim)

If you are a crocheter and afflicted with infamous 'yarn burn', I am your new hero!! In search of a remedy, I designed a 'Finger Sleeve' (available for FREE immediate download in my Ravelry store). I suffer terribly from said affliction in a big way, and got tired of wasting bandaids and dealing with sticky residue left behind. So the big question is, "Why did it take so long to figure this out?" Yeah, I don't know either, but we're okay now!

(Bonbon Pincushion Ring - by Deanne Crim) 

If you are looking for a unique gift for a crafter or seamstress in your life, you may want to consider the 'Bonbon Pincushion Ring' pattern? It is adorable and functional all at the same time! It is a beginner/intermediate level pattern, made with #10 cotton crochet thread. Color choices create milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate with swirls in delicious colors to tempt you! It can also be made with worsted weight yarn for a larger 'bracelet pincushion' results. 

You can find all of these patterns in my Ravelry Store: Deanne Crim - Crafty Crusader (link below)

To give you a sneak peek at upcoming crochet patterns in the queue...

(Cozy Walnut Cradle & Mouse - by Deanne Crim) 

Here's a FUNtastical 'Cozy Walnut Shell Cradle & Mouse' - which is my next pattern coming! A tiny mouse is tucked beneath a colorful quilt in a nutshell cradle. An intermediate level pattern, it is a perfect piece of 'Eye Candy', with no particular function other then to delight! If you have the courage to stick a pin in it, it would be an adorable pincushion. By gluing the knot end of a loop of sparkling thread, you instantly turn it into one of the most wonderful ornaments you have ever seen! Stay tuned, the crochet pattern should be available for download by January 2019!

Here's a sneak peek at other unique crochet patterns available in coming months...

(Unicorn Wishing Doll - by Deanne Crim)

(Teddybear Pouch - by Deanne Crim)

(Bookmark Dolly w/ Teddybear - by Deanne Crim)

(Old Fashioned Jointed Teddybear - by Deanne Crim - 5" tall)

(Mini Santa & Gingerbread Boy - by Deanne Crim)

(Mushroom Fairy - by Deanne Crim)

(Snow Baby - by Deanne Crim - 24" tall)

(Brush Crochet Teddybear - by Deanne Crim - 24" tall)

(Teddybear Backpack - by Deanne Crim)

(Hula Menehune Fairy Doll - 5" tall - by Deanne Crim)

(Wire Crochet Garden Cuff - by Deanne Crim)

And there is oh so much more in the works...that isn't even close to being 
a comprehensive list of whats coming!!


Don't worry that I've gone off the rails and abandoned my other Crafty Crusader Adventures  into the oblivion of crochet-land!! I am a multi-tasker {{insert multi-CRAFTER here}} with room for more art fun than most can even imagine!!

Have no fear! I am still unapologetically immersed in the world of creativity on every level and in every medium I can get my hands into!! Perhaps thats why my house looks  like a disaster area, or a Craft Store Tornado at Ground Zero?!! Chock full of supplies and tools, bags and piles, fabrics and glues, beads and wire, clay and wood, there is no denying it...Its just who I am, and there isn't any changing it, I am happy to say! Thank heavens my hubby is okay with it...sorta! {{wink wink}}

My new Crafty Crusader website is under construction, and will be my primary location in the future for sharing tutorials, patterns, and instructional videos to inspire you to make exceptionally WONDROUS and SPECTACULAR works of heART in all avenues of creativity. I will continue to use this blog as my way of sharing projects and insights, as well as sharing my creative crusades on my Facebook page at: I have also created a Crafty Crusader Group on Facebook, as a place to gather with followers and craft enthusiasts, with future plans of 'Craft-a-longs'...'Swaps'...and other fun activities, so be sure to join us for FREE!!

Below is a sampling of images of creative journeys I would love to take you on...That is, if you're willing to going on Crazy Crafty Adventures with me? I hope so!!

('Amazeballs' Jars w/ Inspirational Messages & Wishes - by Deanne Crim)
This awesome up-cycled spice jar, is a favor I designed as a gifting to some very
special ladies in my life...a 'Love Tribe' actually! 

('Holiday House' Tintastical' - by Deanne Crim)
The 'Holiday House' Tintastical is my pocket sized version of the perfect Christmas...
with a perfect tiny tree, bead ornaments, jeweled base, basket of magazines, pooch portrait hanging above the mantle, and stockings hung by the fire. 3-dimensional paper-crafting creates a world of wonder, all within the confines of a tiny tin box.



('Garden Glory' Tintastical by Deanne Crim)
Capturing the beauty of flowers is always one of my favorite things to do. 
No one can beat God's artistry!! 

(Wedding Bling Bouquet - by Deanne Crim)

(French Beaded Pearl Rose - by Deanne Crim)

 (French Beaded Christmas Tree & Angel Topper Charm - by Deanne Crim)

(Retro-style Pincushion w/ Floppy Bunny - by Deanne Crim)

(The Big Cheese Pincushion Mouse - by Deanne Crim)

(Theodore & Pipsqueek jointed miniature Teddybears 4" and 1" tall - by Deanne Crim)

(Resin Collage 'Hula Beach Dreams' Necklace - by Deanne Crim)

(Snowfolk Dioramas Bottles & Jars - by Deanne Crim)
When I was a kid, I loved nothing better then to get the assignment from a teacher to make a diorama. It may have been while studying dinosaurs, or volcanoes, or other earthly events...but the notion stuck in my head, and I have loved dioramas ever since! Turning old glass bottles and jars into lovely holiday decorations in diorama form, is a Win-Win!! 

 (Crafty Crusader 'Booktique Arts' presents: Bookmark Jewelry!)
...the best part, is that you can also wear it as a necklace!! This particular design was 
created as a prototype for a 'Fish Extender' gift, for a Disney cruise we were supposed to go on.
Life threw us a curve ball, and we had to postpone the cruise, but the bookmark jewelry lives on! FREE TUTORIAL COMING SOON to!!

(Wire Crochet Garden Cuff - by Deanne Crim)
Crochet is a traditional craft, with most of us having a grandmother or aunt who spent countless hours with a hook and yarn in hand. I'm not much of an afghan or clothing crocheter, I am...of 'Eye Candy' Crocheter, which to me means, I like to make things that please my eyes, but those things don't necessarily fit a particular use. These gorgeous delicate wire crochet cuffs are the perfect choice to adorn your wrist with unique beauty!

('Olivia's Orb' - commissioned piece to gift Olivia Newton John for her birthday 2017)

This one of a kind creation combines vintage with new brooches and bling jewelry, into an orb of Inspiration. It was a commissioned piece by Nancy Gould Chuda, for her best friend, singer, Olivia Newton John. There are no words to describe the honor and privilege of creating this gift, and even more so, to meet Olivia backstage at her concert, subsequently. The custom pillow/cushion 
was created to rest the orb, as it now sits on Olivia's piano where she creates her 
Masterpiece Music to share and bless the world!


(Honored to meet Olivia Newton John - Scottsdale, AZ - Talking Stick Resort - 2017)

Endless ideas fill my mind and continue to overtake me. I can't seem to get them to stay in one particular box, so you can expect lots of SPLENDIFEROUS Wild Creative Rides coming up the pike in the future! I hope you'll put your seatbelt on and join me for the ride!

**Be sure to follow my blog to get updates, free tutorials, crafty projects, artful inspiration, and to stay informed about upcoming projects, activities, workshops, retreats, and online events!

I look forward to sharing unique, challenging, creative, FUNtastical, skill-developing, Ahh-inspiring, projects with you, so STAY TUNED!!

If you would like to contact me with questions, requests, or just to say, "Hello" you can reach me at:  OR via private message on the Crafty Crusader Facebook page:

With blessings beyond measure...
Deanne Crim
Crafty Crusader :)