Monday, March 10, 2014

Let It Snow!!

Okay..I know I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where snow is reserved for snow-cones and not for sidewalks, but I can dream can't I?!! 

I'll just have to stick with glitter...and that's totally fine with me!

I love glitter. 
Reeeeally LOVE it...Like, I could probably find my bliss if I coated everything in my life in sparkly bright colorful flecks of metallic shimmeringness! 

(Is that even a word?!!) 

Yes, because I say it is...

So you can imagine the holidays at my house, I'm guessing? Yup, glitter EVERYWHERE!! Not necessarily on purpose, hubby is getting a little annoyed at picking it off his own face...we aren't quite sure how it gets there, but it does! 

(Insert sinister "glittery" laugh here!)

I don't think I mentioned in my previous Snow Folk Jars post, how I made the arms, or in most cases they look more like "angel wings" making them "Snow Angels" instead of mere "folks"!!

I used a 1-inch wide strip of neutral or cream colored woven fabric to initially wrap around the jar neck, right where the head is glued on (after paper clay dries completely). I put a generous amount of tacky glue onto the glass, then started wrapping the fabric around, adding more glue as necessary. 

After the first few wraps, I glued and tightly attached "arms" with a tight wrapping several times around, adding glue to secure. I wrapped the various jars with different amounts of fabric, depending on the bottle shape. They told me when to stop! 

You can use any kind of (non-stretchy) fabric for the wrapping. You can even use burlap for a more "earthy" look, which would be adorable! Once you add the glittery "snow", even a colorful printed fabric would be fun and festive! 

For their "arms" (or Angel Wings), I used "crystal & pearl" beaded floral sprays and glittered fruit & leaf sprays, which I found at the craft store in the holiday floral trim section, but you could just as easily use small twigs and branches from your yard!

To add extra embellishments, I used "Eyelash" yarn (found in every craft store I've ever been in, at the crochet/knitting section), to wrap around the base of hats and at necks like "scarves" for an extra frilly look. I also tied jingle bells, tiny charms, and other trinkets 
around the necks, adding personalized name beads or words like "love", "peace", & "joy", for a special touch.

Today, it's time to "Snow" Glittery Wintern-ess onto my desert-born Snow Folks, and they are quite excited about it.

They're cute enough without the glitter...really they one would even miss the glitter, I'm sure...but leaving off the sparkles is like giving someone a cupcake without frosting, and we certainly can't allow that, now can we? NO! Of course we can't!!

So, here is one last look at them before it "Snows"

(And if you are one of my "beloved's" and happen to see your name on a Snow's just a figment of your imagination!!)

I used Liquitex Clear Matte Medium to paint onto the areas that I wanted the "snow" to stick. You can coat the entire head and body (leaving the glass jar clean for viewing contents), or you can just dab the stuff in random places, then sprinkle liberally with iridescent or white snowflake glitter. I like to use various types, colors, and sizes of glitter (as your imagination desires), to give a varied "snowflake" look. 

The "snow" becomes a way to unify the design, bringing all the kooky accessories and embellishments together into one cohesive design and display.

As you spend the next year gathering your doo-dads and accessories for next years Snow Folks, (and I promise you will not be able to get these cute guys out of your mind!)...don't limit yourself...think outside of the box...(toy blocks and tinker toys make great hats!)...check clearance aisles in craft stores, Party stores (for cheap kids toys and party favors), flea markets, garage sales, antique stores, hardware stores, your hubby's garage junk bins, Dollar stores, YOUR OWN CRAFT CLOSET!!

The embellishments can be anything you want or imagine...once you "glitter-ify" everything, you'll look like an Altered Art Genius to your friends!! There are no mistakes!

The ornate silver "hat" I used on one of my Snow a Folks, is actually the top of a perfume bottle that had long since been used and thrown away. But I kept the beautiful bottle top, thinking that some day I'd come up with a crafty way to use it...and I did! I absolutely lalalaLOVE the way it looks! 

(So this officially establishes me as a hoarding "enabler" as I encourage you to never ever throw out anything you might be able to use as crafting supplies....EVER!!)

But please don't tell your loved ones I'm to blame, okay?!! I have enough to deal with, just keeping my hubby from launching into orbit over my piles!!

I save anything and everything that has a remote possibility of being used in the future in one of my projects...the real problem is that I have NO LIMIT to the varied art forms, mediums, and avenues of creativity that I travel and explore, so my heaping piles of stashed supplies are growing endlessly...but it sure makes for great "shopping" in my own craft closet!

I hope you have enjoyed my adventure in "Snow Folk Jars" with me. You can find my original article on starting them HERE

With Big sugarplum Hugs!!