Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bead " Perfume Bottle" Mania!!

Okay, I've got so many crafty irons in the fire right now I have to spill my guts or I'll explode. And we certainly don't need that, now do we?? No, of course we don't!

Here we have another  obsession that's hit my craft studio...
"Perfume Bottles" made from stacking various crystals, beads, baubles and trim. They can be made with jewelry crafting head pins, then finished with a wrapped loop at the top for hanging as 
charms or pendants, or they can simply be assembled and glued together using (my favorite) E6000 glue. (That stuff is amazing for gluing jewelry parts, rhinestones, dominoes, and all kinds of crafting goodies!)

They look great as focal beads on a vintage style necklace, or even better, standing on a small mirror base (sold at craft stores), just as would be done with real sized perfume bottles.

These bronze metallic Heart Crystal beads made lovely faux perfume bottles. I glued small metal medallions to the center of the heart and added a black crystal rhinestone to embellish it. I used a bead cap for the base of the "bottle" so it stands properly.

These little gems turned out looking like Genie Bottles to me, which made me fall in love with them all the more! I purchased all the beads at my local PHENOMENAL bead store, Beads Galore in Tempe, AZ where I have shopped for 30 years!! It is a family owned business and the most helpful, friendly people work there. 

You can find Beads Galore, International  HERE  online!

So, you are probably wondering, "Why on earth did she make so many of them?!!" And the answer would be...I felt I wasn't INSANE enough already. with holiday gifts to finish, and Hannukah & Christmas only weeks away! So I joined a swap in a wonderful Art Charms group that I recently joined. 

As a matter of fact, I'm not sure how it happened, except for a bunny trail of crumbs that led to a neat Altered Charm swap I participated in via one of the blogs I follow...but I can't remember which one now :/ 

Anywhoo, suddenly, magically, I was invited into a new Art Charms group on Facebook (with a branch in Yahoo Groups), and now I'm being sucked down the rabbit hole!! (But don't rescue me, it's okay...I'm having so much fun!) it's a fabulous group of ladies that I'm enjoying getting to know in a marvelously crafty way.

So these little bottles will be finding their way to my new friends in the next few weeks! Below you can see how I have packaged them on custom printed cards, tied through punched holes with some ribbon or string. I just LOVE the modern capabilities I have with my printer...I was definitely born in an incredibly opportune slice of life (as are you), no doubt!! 

I put my "right-click" feature to good use on the computer! As long as you aren't selling it, it's not illegal to use a photo or artwork that is freely published on the internet, for your own personal use (at least that's what I've been told...). It's easy to print up images on 
cardstock, or design your own, to use for display and gifting.

I just love how they turned out, and I'm looking forward to see what my swap partners do with them! I will post photos of the treasures that I receive, as soon as they arrive in late November.

Until then, I hope you enjoy seeing these other lovely examples of Artisan crafted Bead "Perfume Bottles"...

(I will put the links to these as I locate them!)

With Sugarplum Hugs,


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