Thursday, October 24, 2013

Welcome to Sugarplum Village!

I've finally done it...I've taken the plunge...jumped in with both feet...dangling from the ledge, actually...and HERE I AM!! I am as Bloggeriffic and ready to go as I can possibly be....Oh wait, there's no one here with me...Am I talking to myself again?!! Yes, I am...I guess it'll be a rather quiet "Send Off" for my Craftastic...Artsy-Fartsy...Fantastical...Eccentric-sational...Creative-licious Adventure here in Sugarplum Village!!

In this "Out of the Box" creative place, you will have fun exploring with me, many wonderful creative journeys...from artistry to edibles...some that I have designed and masterminded as well as other projects that I have discovered on my endless quest for new, fun, wonderful artistry, creative and delicious adventures. I can't possibly know where we will end up, but I know we will have lots of inspiring fun along the way, as we follow our hearts desire into the world of creative imaginings!

As just a little introduction into my world, I was born an artist, into an unartistic little family. My mother boasts of inability to draw stick figures, so there you have it...proof that creativity is not genetic! My grandmothers, however, were both very creative in their own right. Evelanne Heyman, my paternal grandmother, dabbled in oil-painting in her younger years, (the scary clowns hanging in her guest room confirmed it). She was a professional writer and photographer for her local society newspaper in Palm Springs, California for many years. She was an inspiring late bloomer, beginning this career after attending college in her fifties!

My maternal grandmother, Marilyn Balkan, was my creative teacher in the early years, teaching me to crochet and knit at the age of 9. I wasn't very good, but I was bit by the creative bug... that relentless "virus" that has propelled me on creative quests from that moment forward! I was artistic
by nature, drawing, sketching, scribbling and doodling at every opportunity, and before long, my parents located an educational outlet to quench my desire. I took drawing and painting art classes at
Betty Collins' Art studio on Ventura Blvd. next to the public library. I felt privileged and nurtured, and landed in a place that felt wholly mine.

In my childhood years, my parents were sales reps for several clothing manufacturers in Southern California, and there were mountains of inspiration in the swatches and scraps of fabric that were always strewn across the dining room table, which was my parents primary workspace at home. When gifted a pile of unneeded scraps, I began stitching immediately. Happy Face bean bags were my first project. The 1970's had those smiley faces plastered everywhere, and they were a snap to design, even for an 11 year old girl with questionable sewing skills.

My next creative endeavor was the result of passionate unfulfilled "wanting" when I laid eyes on the beautifully detailed character rag dolls being sold at a booth at the Malibu Canyon Renaissance Faire. I must've drooled over them for 15 minutes before my parents dragged me off to the next booth of medieval chain-maile clothing and fencing weaponry. By Monday, I was bicycling to the public library next to Betty Collins Art Studio, to check out a book on making stuffed dolls and toys.

The old Singer sewing machine was functional. My mom hadn't used it in years, if ever. But she remembered how to thread the machine and that was enough to get me started. I pieced together scraps, and made yarn hair, carefully embroidered the facial features...and voila! Goldilocks was born, and I was hooked on the notion of taking a little bit of this & that, and turning it into a tangible work of artistry!

And so, in between writing my juvenile neighborhood newspaper, full with hand colored artwork and tales of Calabash Elementary School antics, (though unsolicited), delivered to all my my pals and other uninterested but humored neighbors on the block, I began to expand my creative endeavors.
When I was visiting Grandma Marilyn one weekend, we went shopping at a gift and craft store for
her to purchase yarn.

I noticed a precious little creation on a shelf of handmade crafts. It was a walnutshell crafted into a cradle, with a felt mouse face peeking out from a puffy comforter. I examined it to the enth detail, sure that I could go home and make one for myself. I took a scrap of paper and pencil, making notes and diagrams to assist my re-creation of the adorable trinket. Within a few days I had gathered my supplies, and by the following weekend I had created my version of the "Cozy Walnut Cradle". I am fortunate to be a pack rat, and still have that very first one. (I'll post a photo when Xmas decor gets unpacked next month).

So you can clearly see, being an Artist, Crafter, Explorer of Creativity...picked Me...I did not pick IT! The fact that I am a "Sharer" and "Giver" is what brings me to blogging. I am a long time teacher (otherwise known as Crafting-Enabler!) and I love to pass on my inspirations. It is my firm intent to inspire you, encourage you, and Yes, even to overwhelm you, with ideas, projects, and a Creative To-
Do List that has no end!!

You can plan on seeing fun projects in a wide variety of mediums and genres, from blogs around the world and my own original designs including, beadwork, altered artwork (such as domino books, altoid tins & repurposed trinkets & charms), altered matchboxes, polymer clay creations, leather play, paper mâché & paper clay, resin artistry, miniature teddy bear making, miniatures, doll crafts, paper crafts, bento-liscious lunchbox edibles, holiday crafting, home decor, crochet, Amigurumi, and so much more!

Welcome to my crazy creative world...I hope you packed your tool kit and a nice tasty picnic lunch!!

With Sugarplum Hugs,

(Deanne Crim)

PS. To get you started, here is a link to a recent crafty holiday "find" that takes macaroni to a whole new level: "Pretty Pasta Christmas Trees" from Better Homes & Gardens.


  1. I feel so blessed to be able to add the first comment on Deanne's blog. Deanne is one of the most gifted women I have ever been blessed to know. {If not the most gifted} Over the years I have gained so much from her teaching and sharing. I love the fact I can learn but mostly that I call her my friend and she is always there for me. I can't wait to see what all I have not seen or learned before from Deanne.

    To many of us she is our Den Mom due to a mutual love of miniature teddy bears. Deanne is always encouraging and ready to answer questions or give hints to show a better way to create.

    1. Lynette, you are so sweet! Thank you for your kind comments and for being the first!! XO

  2. How great that you have created a place for all of us to learn from the Den Mother. You are so very creative in so many art forms this is going to be a great ride and am really looking forward to the fun. The fact that you are a wonderful friend is just icing on the cake.
    Love you much and mini hugs,


    1. I am so happy to have you along for the Artsy Fartsy Joy Ride, Jude!! XOXO